People from libya who have dreamt of starting their own businesses and projects one day


Help diversifying the economy of Libya on the long run by providing value adding employment opportunities and creating an ambitious generation capable of developing and creating innovation.


Enjazi competition: the first nation-wide entrepreneurship competition in Libya to empower entrepreneurs with ideas and startups to take their projects to the next level.


The competition’s website is live and accepting applications from April 8th, 2017 until June 1st, 2017. Informative roadshows promoting the competition will be held in Libya and 25-30  semi-finalist teams will be announced on July 14th. The semi-finalists are expected to attend a one-month training in Libya in August, at the end of which 10-15 Finalist teams will be shortlisted.

The  shortlisted Finalist teams will attend a two weeks training boot camp with activities scheduled to take place from Nov. 9th, 2017 till Nov. 17th, 2017 in Beirut- Lebanon. The competition will culminate in a Final event on December 15th 2017 in Beirut, with the announcement of the competition winners.

APR 8th, 2017
Website opens for applications submissions
APR - MAY, 2017
Online and Offline promotion
July 1st, 2017
Deadline for submitting online applications
July 6th, 2017
Grading starts
August 9, 2017
Semi-Finalists are announced
September 3 to October 8
Training of the Semi-Finalists and Round 2 judging
October 9, 2017
Announcement of the 15 Finalist Teams
October 14, 2017
6-month coaching starts (until January 2018)
NOV 9th - 17th, 2017
Training of the 15 Finalist teams (Lebanon)
DEC 15th, 2017
Final Pitching and Award Ceremony (Lebanon)

Eligibility Criteria

1 Each team should have at least two members
2 Each team should at least include one Libyan national
3 The idea can be a product or a service
4 The idea can be in any industry, preferably TECH

Judging Criteria


The team takes up a considerable percentage of the total grade. Judges look for experience, value added, and the relevance of each team member to the project.

Product / Solution

How well does the product/solution address the problem?

Financial Sustainability

Viability of the business will be highly reliant on the strength of the business model which ensure the financial sustainability on the long run.


The idea must be either new, or represents a marked improvement to an existing solution or a business process. Innovation does not necessarily mean technology.

Market Size & Scalability

A business idea or a startup should not be limited to a local market. At a minimum, a nationwide market should be targeted. Preferably, the business should be easy to replicate regionally or globally as the company expands.

Semi-Finalists Selection

25-30 teams will be shortlisted for the training of the competition and will benefit from business training. Qualifying teams are expected to be present and available for 5 weeks  of training in Libya. Qualified teams are not required to pay a participation fee.

Finalists Selection

The 25-30 Semi-Finalist teams will be pitching to jury members who will select 10-15 Finalist teams.  Teams will get the opportunity to attend a training in Beirut in November 2017. Finalist teams will benefit from the opportunity to receive top tier training, coaching, networking opportunities, media exposure and a trip to London Tech City and Cambridge Science Park.

Final Oral Presentations

The Finalist teams will pitch their projects to a Final Jury on December 14th in Lebanon where they will have 3 minutes to present followed by 5 mins of Q&A. After listening to all the pitches, jury members will deliberate to select winners that will be announced during a Final Award Ceremony in the afternoon of the same day.


Winning teams who would have benefited from top tier training, coaching, mentorship, and great networking opportunities, will get the chance to win a trip to London Tech City and Cambridge Science Park